he was my friend, but not my best friend. he had a tight little asian girlfriend and we went out together a lot, he was cool with that. very strange. when he left to go see his family it was just me and the sweet little asian, and we had dinner every night and went to bars and we really hit it off.

the next time he went on an all guys vacation and we stayed behind. and i took her out. and i didn't even ask her or suggest anything but she suggested cheating. she said a one night stand. i didn't cheat because he's my friend.

now these days i think that i would have liked to know what it was like to be in there. i've had asian poon before but only with amsterdam window girls. i doubt they were as tight as she is. i may have a window of opportunity.

you only live once, but he only lives once too. and she does too. they need this to work out, what else are they going to do. she's a little asian girl and she needs to be wary of asian fetishists. lots of those guys out there. i liked her for her conversation and her tightness. i don't have that much of a thing for asian girls.