It seems to me that there are two concepts of shame at work here. The two concepts are: shame in just writing crap nodes, and shame in talking about indecency.

If you read dannye's original w/u, he's clearly talking about the former. My understanding of what he is saying is not that he cares about people discussing masturbation on E2. Rather (as indicated by his reference to Earn Your Bullshit), he is talking about the general lack of care for the quality of the information being stored in E2. There seems to be some E2 users who think their every thought and experience is worth noding; with no regard to quality and no concept of noding for the ages. What I believe dannye is saying is: Have these people no shame? Don't they care about having these crappy nodes to their name? Don't they worry about their reputation as quality noders?

The issue of shame in the sense of disgust from discussing indecency is not what I think dannye was talking about. Look at some of his nodes ... things like Everybody loves sluts.

I wholeheartedly agree with dannye's sentiments with regards to the first sense of shame. I also feel that some level of the second sense of shame is important to E2; and that many people will, later on, delete the nodes that they think are so cool now. Experience brings with it humility, and I hope that soon, some of the two cents' worth noders will realize that not every word they type is worth preserving.