The ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US retouchings are the biggest reason for this side-scrolling shooter's continued popularity. I haven't played very far into it, but I've discovered a few tactics that should help.

You have three different ways to attack:

The game becomes quite a bit more manageable after you master "grab and throw."

In the intro scenes, the Zig's windows are green. In the game, the windows change color depending on what weapon you have. Naturally, the green weapon (homing missiles) is the most versatile, clearing away hordes of enemies quickly and making boss battles merely a matter of dodging their bullets without worrying about aiming. FOR GREAT JUSTICE TAKE ON RED, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN.

YOU CAN'T DIE! If you're not playing for points (which are reset every third time your Zig is blown up), there is no difference between dying and continuing, thanks in part to unlimited credits ("FREE PLAY"). Or just use DGen's save feature after you beat each mini-boss. (You may have to pause and resume the game to clear up an incompatibility between Zero Wing's music engine and DGen's save support.)

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