I'm a second year student of University of Sydney.
Currently I'm doing a subject called 'Collaborative Virtual Environments'.
And posting some writeup on E2 is one of our assessment.
Unfortunately half of the class must fail this assessments due to the unfair scoring system.
There is around 30 students in our lab, but only 15 can pass this task according to the marking criteria.
We are supposed to post 3 write-ups per students, and the top 6 can get full marks, the next 6 get 80% of the marks, then the next 6 after that get 60%, and then, the rest are all FAIL with 40%~0% of the marks.A direct quote from the tutor is 'this is a competition'.
The most ridiculous thing is, our write-ups are marked by the number of C! we gain! And I just searched for some write-ups under 'Cool Writeups' and 'Editors Selections', the one with most C! is 8C!
And according to the Voting/Experience System of E2, C! is so rare that only 4th level users can get one C! per day. Who will waste their time and C! on some university assessments..?