Alexander the Great 356-323BC
Aristotle served as chief tutor for several years, 343-340BC.
Father, Philip II of Macedon, killed in 336BC, after conquering
most of Greek states.

335BC- crushed Thebes; conquered region known today as Rumania
334BC- battles of Issus, Alexander destroys Persian army
333BC- capture of Tyre & Gaza
333BC- conquest of Egypt
331BC- battle of Gaugamala destroys Persians & Paris III
328BC- Alexander is made king & Pharoah
327BC- Alexander invades Afghanistan & India
325BC- Reaches Indian Ocean
323BC- dies in Babylon

Everywhere Alexander went he spread Greek culture, art, science, etc. Established 70 cities named Alexandria spreading into India/Afghanistan . For more than 3 centuries, Alexander's influence endured. After death land was divided into 3 areas among different generals.
Ptolemy was ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra was descendant of Ptolemy, and last Greek ruler in Egypt.