The tastiest brand of soymilk around. Vitasoy has two product lines: english labels, and chinese labels. They actually taste fairly different for some reason - the english labelled varieties are a bit sweeter, and always more expensive. The chinese varieties (that I've seen - obviously on the west coast of north america I'm not in chinese label heaven) are unsweetened and sweetened. The english labeled ones have a wider variety - Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Carob, Original Enriched, Vanilla Enriched, Original Lite, Vanilla Lite, Chocolate Lite. The original is bland and tastes like a richer version of cow's milk, the vanilla tastes like a rich cow's milk with dissolved Shreddies in it, (this is probably because Vitasoy adds barley to their milk, which other brands don't. it seems to make all the difference in removing the chalky taste cheaper brands have.) chocolate tastes like a really rich chocolate cow's milk, carob like a thinner chocolate milk. The enriched flavours just have various vitamins and minerals added (calcium, vitamin D, etc.), which doesn't seem to affect the taste. I haven't tried all the Lite (lower fat) flavours, but judging from the chocolate, they're not as rich. Vitasoy tends to be more expensive than almost every other brand, except for a few organic compaines, but it's WELL worth it for the taste. If you just need soymilk for cooking, get a big jug of some cheap chinese brand like Sunrise in chinatown. If you're going to drink it straight, so for Vitasoy or Westsoy. Don't got me started on that So Good crap.

Mmmm, soy goodness.