I dreamed my cat jumped out of the window. (This is a constant fear of mine; I leave the windows open anyhow.) "AHH! TOBY!" My boyfriend and I rush out to find him. He smugly walks out from behind a bush, tail high, and leaps in to my arms. As we walk back up to my apartment, he begins to talk to me, telling how he is a time traveller, and how he once took some of my fake viking coins and sold them for $300, then invested them on the market in futures. (Being a time-traveller, he had some hot tips.) When his investment paid off, he went back in time and took $300 and deposited it to my account. "Oh yeah. I was wondering where that came from." I absentmindedly took an inventory of my fake viking coins. I had them in a big binder in plastic sheets. Some were chocolate and some were metal, but since they were all covered in gold foil, you cold only tell which was which by weight. My cat flew around the room for a while, finally landing on my boyfriend's head. He stayed awake for three hours, wanting to go to sleep, but afraid to disturb the cat. I wake up, idly thinking I was in world war one era missouri. Sigh. Too much Heinlein.