I dreamed twice: I was organizing a party at 5 pm. It was going to be great. I was lounging in the backyard of the house I lived in when I was 8 with my boy. Oops, it's 5 pm. I must email everyone to tell them the party will be at 8. I wake up and realize I have a commitment at 7 tonight and can't attend the party. I reschedule in my mind to next week, then wake up a little more and realize that I can't, becuase it was only a dream party. Sigh.

I dreamed too that I was talking to Bjossa, the killer whale at the vancouver aquarium. At one point I ask why she has a human head, neck, and shoulders sewn to her head. "I used to be Stephan Richards." Oh. After a bizarre pageant, I, Sue, get to be the second head sewn on, in some weird lifesaving operation. The second place winner in the pageant is distraught, and becomes a really really mean fictional character. We all wore green.