it's... salmon camp!!!

I'm at summer camp at Evans lake. I'm 18. The maximum camp age is 14, but they didn't check. It's fish camp - hurray! Fish camp is a special theme. There are exchange fish camp students from russia. There's a katimavik group at camp helping out. Pictures of my cousins, their friend, and my sister get in the newspaper. Pictures of the katimavik group get in the news, on video. I'm confused - I see Wolfie on camera, but that can't be right. You're only allowed to do katimavik once, and he was in my katima group. (Which hasn't yet happened, of course!) Then it's my entire katimavik group, without me. Weird. For one fish camp theme day, I go across the street. It's the house across the street from my cousins' old house, but that's where they live. Only when I get there, it's also the house of my best friend from grade 3, Carrie. She's 21, and I'm 22. (We and her sister and some of my cousins are sitting on the stairs, and I see a weird overhead view with our ages filled in. I'm momentarily confused because it seems to say that we're 15, but no, that's her sister. Her sister looks just like the last time I saw her, age 7, but of course she too has aged since then.) We decide to go to a fish hatchery, even though her parents, who are gradually turning in to my maternal grandparents, try to convince us to go see a weird metal boat that's being built in downtown mission for a movie set. We go off to the fish hatchery, we now being me, my sister, and my cousins. We get lost, go around in circles, but finally get there. We go in to the fish hatchery, which turns out to be an underground mining operation. A guy there, who looks like Bruce Willis if he were a miner, tells us about how a movie company rented out the mine for a while, which kind of screwed up production. There's a brief interlude in the mine which involves some weird basketball challenge and a prima donna pro basketball player. Now it's me and Carrie, and we're at her weird aunt's house. The living room is part of a fish ladder, as are the completely dry deciduous foresty areas outside. Her aunt, who is very fat, shows up and we're back at the basketball challenge. She outdoes the pro player, who is pissed, but it turns out she had rigged the hoop somehow with her embroidery skills. "a safety hoop! how sneaky!" My sister and cousins and I are in a movie theatre, watching random bits of animation. One is about some kind of local business or something. Grandma comes in and finds us there, pulls us out of the theatre and brings us back home, in the Lundervan. She talks to us the whole way home, telling us why the mickey mouse thing we were just watching was incorrect, and telling us not to mention it to cousin mickey (my grandfather. his name is james joseph mulhall, but he goes exclusively by Cousin Mickey for some reason.) (in real life, not just my dreams), because he worked for whatever local company it was that the cartoon was making out to be evil. I'm vaguely suspicious that the cartoon was right, but don't mention it. Back to summer camp! I need to order commemorative iron-on patches for our unique "fish camp". I look up the fish camp franchise catalogue, but decide not to order them, because dear god, we've ordered everything else. I ponder the right way to break this to my fellow campers, who are chomping at the bit for iron on patches for some reason. We go to the mess hall.