Angelic Layer started out as a manga created by the Japanese manga team CLAMP. It's been moved to the television medium in Japan, and fan-subbed copies of the episodes have made their way to the US. At the time of this noding, it appears that it may do well, especially looking at the success of CardCaptor Sakura.

The story revolves around technology developed several years into the 21st Century that allows young people to create and customize telepathically controlled fighting dolls. Misaki is a character in the anime, who falls in love with the "sport". Being small for her age, she was initially shocked to witness a smaller angel win against a larger and stronger one. Thanks to her inherent talent and a lovable lech named Icchan, Misaki promises to become a great Angelic Layer combatant.

I personally recommend anyone interested in anime check this one out. It's a safe anime, as most people will enjoy it, and it doesn't lean too far to the tastes of one group of viewers.