SOT, in the circles I run in, also describes technology that is so old, it is no where in the same realm as current technology and has therefore reached the age of 'vintage'.

Whereas simply 'old' technology really isn't worth playing with, 'vintage' technology has progressed to the point where it is feasable to tweak, hack and otherwise work on it because it is now a collectors item.

Example: At the current time (mid-2001), a time when 2gHz processors are on the horizon, it would be considered stupid to try to put together a Pentium 133 back into showroom quality because, while it's old, it's not old enough. However, I would be considered totaly sane if I wanted to try to restore, say, a BBC Micro or a Kaypro to that state because they are sufficently outdated so there is no real chance of them ever becoming really viable again.