"Forget the Wireless Web."

You can, but I sure won't. In fact, I won't forget about so much that I started writing a WML client about a week ago. :)

I agree that, to get the full E2 experience, you need more then a phone can offer. But that if you don't want the full experience, just pop in to check a definition, node rep or private messages? I think it fits the bill perfectly.

It also allows you flex your mind creatively because you have to deal with issues no one ever things about on a regular web system (like how do you divide a writeup into chunks but make sure the end out one chunk doesn't fall in the middle of a hyperlink?).

It won't satisfy all, but I think it's not a good idea to rule it out completely.

It's interesting how the flow of E2 actually translates into a small device, too. The very nature of the nested design makes traversing E2Nodes easy and even bearable. The only issue really is one of speed since WAP usually operates over a low speed data network, but since it's just text, it's doable.

This is not an interface to write nodes, obviously, but I've had great success in reading nodes, homenodes, searches and whatnot. Private messages aren't added yet, but are on the list; after the debut of message/email gateway, I got numerous requests from people (though many wanted SMS, which is difficult because you have to pay per message). A chatterbox client, while balky, would be completely feasible.

As for making money, If I wasn't a perl dude who could write it myself and I was told I could browse E2 in even a limited fashion anywhere in the freaking planet... well, I wouldn't pay for that, but I would pay, say, $2 a month to be able to edit nodes (on a telephone keypad? What was I thinking?), monitor the cheddarbox and maybe even chat on #e.

Another thing this has done is point out what I think a re some issues with the XML output, though I'm sure they're only a minor bit of code to deal with.

It currently up and running at http://ajt0.ws/e2/ (A-Jay-Tee-Zero) and is open to all who wish to use and abuse it. It is alpha-extreme, so don't be surprised about 500 errors or WML Compile problems; Source will be gladly given up in a day or two as soon as I make it non-embarrassing.

NOTE: The WAP Proxy has been officially announced to the ungrateful, unwashed and unworthy masses.