Fanfare for the Common Man was composed by Aaron Copland for the Cincinnati Symphony 1943 concert season. Eugene Goossens, conductor of the orchestra, sent out a request to a number of American nuvo classical composers asking them for to compose him a fanfare. In Coplands' own words, "The challenge was to compose a traditional fanfare, direct and powerful, yet with a contemporary sound. To this end, I used bichordal harmonies that added 'bite' to the brass and some irregular rhythms."

This piece (also known as Coplands Fanfare) was first performed on March 12, 1943 and has since become one of the most well-known modern classical pieces.

It was also 'covered' later by the '70s group Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP), updated to sound more electronic and given a much harder edge and futuristic tone. Techo-Neo-Classical-Funk, baby!(Mad Props to Chattering Magpie)