Dindale (aka Dinsdale Piranha) is a (sort of) running gag in Monty Python material. Perhaps a "lopping gag" is more like it. In some of the various animation sections, large porcupine-like creatue will appear around a corner and exclaim "Dinsdale!". This will all be explained now.

Dinsdale first some to us at the news that he, along with his brother Doug, have been sentenced to 400 years in prison for "crimes of violence". The "Violence" committed was in the form of protection rackets the Piranha brothers dubbed "The Operation", "The Other Operation" and "The Other Other Operation" (the latter of which was the turning point for the Piranha Brothers lives of crime). From here they organized a gang, "The Gang", and caused much mayhem in the land not the least of which involved the fastening of craniums to floorboards and various pieces of furniture.

Dinsdales' crowning fault was, however, that he was convinced that he was being watched by a giant hedgehog by the name of "Spiny Norman". Due to a series of events involving Norman, airports and explosions, the police of the area began to become a bit concerned, whereupon they apprehended him.

Except that he escaped again.