Well, it's nice that E2 is back. I've missed it, even though I don't write nodes much at all these days.

However, I feel I can no longer be silent about the new E2 copyright policy. Maybe 10 or so of my writeups, about songs or poems, were deleted. Other complaints aside I agree with the deletions, as those writeups all included maybe a paragraph or so of explication which is kind of irrelevant without the accompanying text or lyrics.

Personally, I understand the editors' reasons for the policy, but I really think E2 is losing something. Sure, I can find lyrics at a number of places on the web that are less concerned with copyright law. What E2 did with lyrics, though, was put them in context. The writeup containing the lyrics would usually include some insightful commentary, hard links to terms in the song, soft links to the writeup about the band, writeups about the various albums the band had put out, soft links to other similar or related artists, to the genre of music, and to other writeups of interest. Basically, everything unique and cool about E2, in addition the lyrics.

Other sites have the lyrics without the context. Now E2 has the context without the lyrics. I just think it's a shame. E2 brought a unique treatment to lyrics, poems, short stories, and other bits of writing reproduced perhaps a little less than legally. I personally doubt anyone would've chosen to sue E2 for such violations, but then again, I'm not privy to what email the gods and editors receive. I'm not suggesting the policy be reserved, because I know that won't happen. I'm just lamenting the loss of what I considered one of E2's most appealing types of writeups.