This could also apply to whenever a group of friends try to pressure a person in the group to do anything. Drugs, To go out, to party, to commit a mischievious act.

One time, I was at a friends party where people were dancing, laughing, & having a good time, when a girl passed me a small vial. Thinking it was mouthwash (looked like it) I took a small drop. "A bird never flew on one wing", she said, or something paraphased like that & told met to take another drop. "My breath must really stink!!!" I began to wonder and took a few more drops. She smiled at me and took back the bottle of mouthwash.

Later I began wondering around the back yard when the trees started moving. There wasn't any wind, they just were sortof warping my vision. I looked down at the grass & again the smallest details & green fibers in the grass were moving & I wasn't sure what was going on. Later I found out it was acid, and for not knowing what it was, it turned out that I handled myself pretty well.

It was a fun night, but beware kids, what you take at parties. :)