Walking to the park with the sculpture of the giant dominoes. I'm trying to be witty,
placebo effect,
or the early signs of my impending trip?
Rule 0: Cars are real.
Rule 1: Cars can hurt you.
Rule 2: Giant toasters the size of cars are cars. See rule 1.

They have swings at the park. Matt, you're a genius. Mike is paranoid.
Didn't we come here to play some game? Football?
How bout Calvinball? You make up the rules as you go.
As the people walk by. Groove with it,
relax, we should be freaking people out. What are you staring at,
that's what I should have said.
Holy crap a dog! It's mouth looks huge, and is it puffing out its chest?
He knows, he can sense it. Don't bite me.
It's time to go back, lets go back. Lets walk in the grass. Lets dance.
A face in the shadows and light, a mouth the drainpipe into a ditch.
Everybody sees it, but we try not to.
Are you still dancing? Yes, lets do sound poetry.
Ommmmmmmmmmm. Out of the park.
The neighborhood was in space, a tiny section of planet, with light coming from the flipside.
That man is a skeleton, why is he grinning at me? Why am I grinning at him?
Act normal, act normal. Don't act normal.
The street, oh my god. Remember the rules. Walk faster.
Apartments! Too many people! Hurry, inside, people are around.
I forgot to dance, I've been walking this whole time.
Music! Now! Floored, all of us. The comfortablist feeling in the world.
Outside for nicotine. This feels great. Look at that, do it again, blow the smoke furthur.
People are about, but I'm just having a cigarette, nothing funny about that.
Come closer so I can freak you out.
I'm experiencing the tree. Look Neil, try this, you can see all the layers,
there's so many of them.
Stop being paranoid Mike! Yeah, thanks.
I don't want to move. Come on, lets go back inside.
Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Are you filming? Oh shit! I am filming.
I want my guitar. Now play it like a sitar.
I don't want the tv on. Why are they on a bus? We're all on a bus.
It's catwoman. Bam! Ka-pow! This is so colorful.
I think it's time to smoke. Neil rolls a joint, it's pretty bad.
Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! What the hell just happened? Somebody order a pizza!
Calm down Ryan.
I have pizza, let's make a journey.
Now that we've eaten the pizza, what's next?