Faye Wong is from Beijing although she moved to Hong Kong in her teens to persue a singing and modelling career. Her original stage name was "Wang Jingwen" (Cantonese Wong Jing Man(or mun)) "Shirley" Wong although she dropped this name in the early '90s

Formerly married to the musician Dou Wei, who is the former lead singer of Hei Bao, a Chinese rock band. Supposedly Dou Wei helped her to become sucessful by writing a lot of her music, but they were divorced in 1999 because their relationship had deteriorated and because Dou Wei had beaten her. Last year there was a lot of news about her romantic affair with Nicolas Tse, who is over ten years younger than she is.

Opinions are divided over Faye Wong. The great majority of people like her a lot because she has a good voice and because she has a lot more musical variation than basically all Cantopop singers. She, along with Aaron Kwok was signed to endorse Pepsi in China, so for a time her face was on billboards and buses everywhere- guess the song that she sang for Pepsi "Jing Cai" would also be considered "commercial".