in ultimate frisbee, a throw where the disc is thrown forward in a high arch, with the plane of the disc being perpendicular to the ground. If thrown well, it is a very effective downwind throw on a windy day because it will not be blown around, however it is rather difficult to catch due to the fact that a blade pass will often fall from 50 or 60 feet in the air. Throwing blades in practice is a good way to toughen up your hands- if you can catch a blade with one hand, pretty much nothing else can hurt your hands.

A sadistic frisbee game played with this type of throw is to have two people (or teams) line up across the field from each other. The teams then throw blade passes back and forth to each other (the passes must be caught one-handed). When one team drops the disc, they must then all lay flat on the ground with legs open. The other team then throws a blade pass, attempting to hit someone, preferably in the groin(it's best to close your eyes if you are having the disc thrown at you in this manner)