There's been much ado of late regarding the supposed anonymity regarding nukes proffered by the staff here at E2. In response to such, I've begun keeping track of everything I'm taking down to the shiny happy place. Hopefully this, if nothing else, will keep the doomsayers in check. Until the headers of nuked writeups say (marked for destruction by wordnerd), this will be my accountability to you, the users. So, without further ado, I present my August (incomplete) nuke list.

An idea: Perhaps you can use this list, as I create it, as a springboard into new writing. I tend to find ag├ęd or contentless things to put my mark on. By the time you find them here, they may have become nodeshells. Perhaps you can fill these nodeshells with quality content! Imagine the possibilities!

(Above paragraph added 12 August)