A tincture is an easy way to prepare herbs, which can be purchased in bulk from your favorite hippie-mart, for storage and convenient consumption.

To prepare a tincture place 4 oz. dried or 8 oz. fresh, finely chopped or ground herb into a mason jar or cleaned pasta sauce jar. Pour 1 pint of 60 or greater proof decent liqour over the herb and seal the jar. Store in a warm, dark place for two weeks, shaking twice daily.

Now, decant the liquid and place the herb in cheesecloth or a thin towel, over a bowl. Wring the cloth to squeeze out all the liquid, and use the residual herb to fertilize your garden. Place all the liquid in a tightly sealed and tinted or otherwise light-impervious non-plastic container.

This preparation should keep indefinitely, and as little as 5-15 drops, depending on your physiology, etc, will achieve a therapeutic effect. My favorites are sleepy herbs like passion flower, valerian, or catnip, combined with some floral notes like lavender, rose, or jasmine. I can add some to a hot cup of water when I'm having a restless night and drift off into peaceful sleep.