Another Celestial Seasonings flavor. This tea features a kitty cat or a teddy bear, I'm not sure which curled up before a fireplace.

This particular concoction comes in two varieties. the original does not contain valerian and is mainly somewhat useful for a case of needing to relax before bedtime. The sleepytime extra contains 25 mg of valerian per teabag. It states on the box and the company's website that you shouldn't drink more than 4 cups of the stuff per day. However, my own uses were far more potent often drinking five and six cups of the brewed tea a day. I've had good results, the only difficulties arose when taking both the tea and pills of valerian. I think I went from August to December without opening my eyes once. Why can you only take 100 mg of valerian in tea form and up to 1500 mg in a pill form, yu may ask?
My friend has a possible explanation. It seems that the active components, or some of them anyway, are water-solluible and therefore are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream when taken in that preparation. I've also used a tincture of valerian and several other herbs and I'll say this:
I've had the best luck with the tea. Now there's not much difference in the taste between the two versions. The valerian one may have a deeper more earthy tone to it.

Another note: there was, for a time, tins available to keep a few teabags in while traveling. I haven't seen it in years, and would love to have one again. If anyone can track one down, please let me know.

You may mix this tea safely with tension tamer, although I would only brew it for thirty minutes at most. The tea tastes best with sugar and not a sugar substitute. However, your health may differ, and differences are good.

Now, having just quafed a massive mug of that concoction along with my meds, I'm going to sleep until the next lunar eclipse.

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