The CTA's Green Line connects Chicago's West Side with the loop and the South Side.

The Green Line runs between 4 am and 1 am Monday through Saturday, and between 7 am and 1 am on Sundays and Holidays. Passengers needing to use the line at times when it is not in service can use the Forest Park branch of the Blue Line, which parallels the Lake Street Elevated, or the Red Line to 95th-Dan Ryan, which parallels the South Side Elevated. Both lines run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Below is a text map of the Orange Line's route. Please keep in mind that it is not to scale. Traffic is two-way in all areas of the map. North is up. Stations are marked with either an o or a (T). The latter represents a free transfer station. Mouse-over the (T) to see which lines you can transfer to at that station. The one exception to this is King Drive, which is marked with a *; this station only serves inbound trains (trains going to the loop/Harlem-Lake).

                 N    C
    R            S    A         . Purple Line north to Linden
    I            E    L         .
    D   C      P R    I   A  C  . Brown Line north to Kimball
H O G A E L C  U V K  F   S  L  .
A A E U N A I  L A E  O   H  I  .     S
R K L S T R C  A T D  R   L  N  .     T
L   A T R M E  S O Z  N   A  T  .     A
E P N I A I R  K R I  I   N  O  .     T
M K D N L E O  I Y E  A   D  N  .     E
   Lake Street Elevated         .        |
                                .  C     o RANDOLPH
                  Loop Elevated .  L     |
                                .  A     o MONROE
                 Brown, Purple, .  R     |
               and Orange Lines .  K    (T) ADAMS
                                .        |
                                         | Green and Orange Lines
                                        (T) ROOSEVELT/WABASH
                                       . |
                           Orange Line.  o 35th-BRONZEVILLE-IIT
                      south to Midway.    \
                                    .      o Indiana
                                            o 43rd
                               South Side   o 47th
                                Elevated    |
                                            o 51st
                                   GARFIELD o 
                  Ashland Branch        /   |    EAST 63rd/COTTAGE GROVE 
                                 o--o---    +-*--o 
                      ASHLAND/63rd                 East 63rd Branch
                                    H         K
                                    A         I
                                    L         N
                                    S         G
                                    E         D
                                    D         R

Things to note:

  • All stations have some form of warming-shelter on their platforms. Usually, there is a bus-shelter with heat lamps. Though these are not the best in the world, they do provide some warmth and protection from the wind during the winter.
  • Most stations have Pepsi vending machines (20 oz $1.00), and some also have convenience stores.
  • The CTA uses electric trains, which run off of power from a third rail. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay off the tracks!
  • All train cars have an intercom system to the motorman, located on a panel next to the wheelchair-accessible seat by the cab of each car. This can be used in an emergency, or by customers with disabilities to alert the motorman to wait until they have exited the train.

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