Cafeteria of my old high school. I am not allowed to go in to the senior lunchroom, even though I am a senior.

My friend Eric, turns his back to me and will not let me sit with him. Everyone is wearing these really cozy, warm looking coats, even though we are indoors. I note that I do not have one and I become very self-conscious, particularly once I notice that I have no shoes on.

Mounds of tasty looking fruits and pastries, a long line of people waiting to get at them. Also, a wedding going on.
Someone has brought a baby and I watch as a flock of cooing girls swoop down on the new mom.

I find two muffins, how I will pay for them? There is money in a dish by the register, not just pennies, but quarters as well. The total comes to $2.01, which I can not figure out, as it is not divisible by two.

I wander the hallways in shoe-less exile, with my muffins.

I go through a door that says DESCENDING LEVEL. I can see the library on the lower floor and I try to get there, but the floor is suddenly slanted and then I almost fall into a hole.

I lay on the floor, cheek pressed to the marble, heart pounding. There is a cash register down there. It scares me. A puddle of red liquid gathers in front of me then drips down onto the cash register.

It is going to ruin the whole thing.