a few others:

  • on "sparks": if you elected yourself to light the joint/blunt, and more than one person paid for the weed within, don't be a greedy bastard about it. get it smokin', then get it goin'.
  • the cypher: don't break it, unless those around you don't mind. it's just not cricket to skip someone, especially if you don't know him or her well.
  • "just smoke it, yo": i'm usually guilty of this one. sometimes, i'll just be really baked and going into ALOT of detail about something, when suddenly, someone points out that i've been holding the joint for a good minute or so. try to keep track of where the burning stuff is and keep it movin'!
  • a suggestion: now, i dunno if this is just with the people i know, but generally, if you usually don't smoke weed, and someone gets you blazed, don't offer them money in payment for the amount of marijuana you smoked. if they smoked with you, they knew how much you were getting, and they don't care.