Don’t grow up just yet. There’s a whole world to see from your lowered more interested perspective. Of course you can be just as inquisitive as you grow older. But you may as well start now and keep that level of wonder. Watch the trees grown from saplings to oak trees and wonder how it happened. I wonder how it happened. One day there wasn’t enough sun and the next the whole world was awash with light. So don’t grow up too soon.

Sweets won’t taste as good when you’re bigger. They’ll taste good, but not as good, and that’s the important distinction to be made here. Once you’re over the first hurdle they don’t let you try it out again. You’ve only got the one run up, but this isn’t actually a race. So there is not point running all out to get to that first hurdle. You’ll only miss the scenery. And those colours won’t be the same after a while. They dull, they blur and they lose their clarity and focus. You can only re focus the lens so many times, remember that.

Let the grass grow under your feet for a bit kid. Feel the sensation of grass on skin. Soak up these moments as postcards. Write yourself notes on them so that you don’t forget too quickly. This grass will only grow once and you want to leave it as long as possible before cutting it. It’ll grow back stronger, don’t worry about that. But when it’s stronger it won’t feel the same.