Choose from the following:

a.) a piece of paper
b.) a convenience
c.) an excuse for holding onto one particuliar person
d.) a war
e.) an acceptance of what cannot be avoided
F.) a gift
g.) a torture
h.) a song broken up into two parts pulling together in reels
i.) the scariest thing to be had besides perhaps death
j.) a promise
k.) a deal, a pact
l.) a fairytale
m.) a nightmare
n.) a forgiving
o.) a Mexican stand off
p.) a brilliance
q.) a stupidity
r.) a grievance
s.) an enlightenment
T.) a hate
u.) a love
v.) a creation
w.) a demolition
x.) a misunderstaing
y.) an understanding
z.) something rich and strange....

Or more easily, more clinically "It is an appointment, it is a disappointment."