A lot of little worlds colliding.

Life is so gentle now, I can hardly believe it. Shitmas was blue, but merely because Christmas Pasts decided to drag themselves out of memory and air themselves before they got tucked back in for another year with the mothballs and cedar.

Class starts in two weeks, and I think I'm ready...Dad's okay, though the holidays always did make him a veritable badger. I have to remind him we're here to be with him and help, there's really no cause to be so difficult.

My brothers showed back up for Christmas Eve dinner, and my nephew Morgan (pint size viking) loved his stuffed gorilla, and decided to chase me all over the house with it.

Travel plans are solidifying for the Spring, and I'm looking really forward to January as being a time for me to hide. Besides, Thor will be moving the workshop over soon, and we have so many preparations before March and April.

New Year's? I asked to work that night so my mind would be busy. I refuse to feel sorry for myself when really everything is the best it has been in eons. Then Kash is having a pajama party that I hope not to wake up from until the 2nd or 3rd.

I don't know, I guess I'm actually just pretty damn thankful for the silence of winter, the only sound to break it is the tinkling of happy voices of family and friends. I want it all to just freeze right where it is, but I know it's only a matter of time before it goes spinning out again.

For my loved ones, past and present, I hope the New Year brings everything you want, everything you need, and more than you could ever imagine.