What the fuck do you want from me?

Nothing? Why then was I dragged all over creation for this? I was not expecting bliss, I just wanted some duct tape and glue to put those delicate pieces of ours back together.

Yes, I'm being accusing now. What the hell? I am not imaginary, I am not some figment of your personality that you can just tuck behind some grins and charm.

Don't try to talk your way out of this one. One week and ....nothing? And I thought I'd save you from your brooding, yet here I am the one standing alone. Actually, no, I'm going out, going drinking, even 'get high with my friends'. I do have better things to do than wait, hurting by the phone.

Your world doesn't change, but mine is set upsidedown, like a Yoplait yogurt, and this is okay? Just who the hell do you really think you are?

And no, you are not coming out smelling like roses. Something in the mail, my ass! Why can you not just stop hurting me, asshole? Make up your fucking mind. Just make one single, meesly descision. And I know you'll read this, so all I want to know is when do I get to say "Pet me!"?