The fourth sign in Western Astrology. A Cardinal sign, a feminine sign, a water sign, an emotional sign. The crab is a strange elusive creature, facing obstacles from the sides instead of confronting them head on. Their fuel is generally their emotions, their histories, their tenacity. Mothering, unpredictable, highly mysterious, very often nonverbal, they communicate through what they feel and the surrounding vibes of their environment. They can be either extrememly creative, dabbling in painting, acting, or writing, but they also have the capabilities of being very technically minded. Cunning, highly sympathetic, loyal, and rarely what you originally perceived.

Their colors are white, light blue, purple and green. Their stone is the either the pearl or the alexandrite. Their parts of the body are the breasts, the stomach, and the ribcage. Their planet is the moon, which makes them the total romantics of the zodiac. Their herb is jasmine. Their tarot card is The Chariot, with some dealings with The High Priestess. Famous leaders in history: Julius Caesar ....and King Henry VIII.

windigo would like to make the disclaimer that she too is a crab.