My own life is empty and pathetic, so I'm going to return to what I know -- bitching about someone else's. Heh.

My ex-wife (whom I'm stuck living with again now thanks to two more people ripping me off) used some of the money she got from selling my house to buy herself a used car. It was an SUV.

Two weeks ago a drunk driver ran a red light and plowed into the back of her car while it was moving about 30 miles per hour. This caused the vehicle to slide uncontrolled into a traffic pole, totalling the vehicle. At least the impact destroyed the guy's car too. He went to jail.

Last Thursday, she got a big fat check from the insurance company. And that's just to replace the car; her injury lawsuit (hurrah for ambulance chasers) is still pending.

I am now convinced more than ever that her mind is still as broken as when I left her in January. This is because she bought a 1979 Corvette. Fire engine red.

The seller disclosed the vehicle has at least the following problems:

  • The air conditioning doesn't work. This is believed to be an electrical problem in the console and not an issue with the compressor. We live in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The vehicle is prone to overheating, despite having been fitted with an oversized radiator, oversized cooling fan, and a supplemental electric cooling fan. The seller warned her not to drive the vehicle long distances when it's hot outside. Did I mention we live in Las Vegas, Nevada?
  • The interior is in need of repair -- the upholstry is nearly destroyed in some sections and the driver side door is missing part of the handle on the inside.
  • It will only start after two attempts -- though it does this predictably and reliably, it will never start on the first attempt.
  • It leaks oil. The seller claims that as long as the oil is changed every 3,000 miles (like every good little consumer should do), it does not leak enough to matter.
  • The overflow container (for coolant) has no cap. This makes it prone to leaking coolant.
  • The original t-top tops leak. The aftermarket ones do not.
  • The rear differential sometimes makes "noise" on sharp turns.
Also worth noting is that she doesn't quite make enough money in her current job to pay her monthly bills -- the deficit is about $200 per month.

An old Corvette is not exactly a no-maintenance car.

Many people told her this before she bought this, including the seller. She bought it anyway.

Today, at 6:00am, she was afraid to drive it to work because it might overheat. Before we blame the car for this, let's just look at how stupid she's being about it -- at 6:00am, it's not hot yet in Vegas. Even in July. She gets off work at 1:00pm today, and it's less than 4 miles home from there. That's not enough to overheat the car unless it's drained of coolant entirely.

In other news, I continue to be amazed at how many distinctly different snoring sounds she can produce from that same wretched face. This is particularly entertaining because her snoring never wakes her up, yet when she goes to bed before I do I must maintain absolute silence, as she can hear me sit down on a couch or on the floor, hears the refrigerator open, hears the cats sneeze (blames me for that), hears sniffles and coughs, hears typing on a quiet keyboard, hears labored breathing, and of course somehow hears everything else I do no matter what it is. When she wakes up, she gets up and scolds me for it, even if it was a cat that did it.

Also, she remains unable to learn new things or learn from mistakes -- she is as bad at Dance Dance Revolution now as she was when she bought the game, somehow oblivious to the fact that you're meant to step to a beat (she continues to claim she hears no beat as the game, uh, makes apparently random sounds come out of the speakers) and misses nearly every step. She also continues to try to hug and cuddle with me despite our decision not to try dating anymore and despite the fact that I never reciprocate. I even explain why. Oh yeah, she still wants the other guy too. She tells me this regularly. Then expects me to play anyway. Despite all this, she still acts hurt every time she does exactly the same thing (try to cuddle) and gets exactly the same result (nothing happens). Every time she tries it, I get the sense that she honestly thinks it's the first time she's tried it.

I've seen animals do this. My cats are perfect examples -- they will repeatedly try the same thing over and over to achieve some goal. The effort turns out fruitless, yielding nothing. But they try the same thing again. They don't learn. I don't understand how that is possible -- how can you keep trying the same damned thing again and again when it has never succeeded in the first place?

She must just be stupid. That can be the only explanation.