I must have caught a bug from my manager at work last night. My throat is sore and I feel very weak. I decided to just take it easy today and take a day off from editing.

But then I saw Fuck School. The write-up by r4v5 in particular seemed like a good reason to work even on a sick day. It was bad. It was collecting negative rep rapidly. I killed it. I also /msged to one of the gods and suggested that the entire node should be nixed.

To anyone who does not understand why we go to school: If for no other reason, we go there to learn how to write well. A skill needed to create write-ups that won't disappear within minutes of being noded.

Killed "Christ" is a title, not a surname by Sand Jack. It was a cheap-shot attempt to ridicule an entire segment of E2 population. Its rep was at -7.

Killed can we still be friends? and Fuck no we can't still be friends bitch!, both by OmegaRED. Both write-ups were just a vent of personal frustration, and both said the same thing, though in slightly different words. They added nothing of value to E2. (Hint: Try realmofredheads.com for this type of write-ups.)

Killed No, You're Gross, Bitch! by TinCanFury. It was... gross. It had negative rep. The remaining nodeshell was deleted by one of the gods.

Killed the number of the beast by Lost^boy. All it said was "See 666 for further information." Its rep was -5.