I'm writing this daylog on my palm pilot. I'm using my palm because I'm on the train. I'm on the train because I'm going to see my girlfriend. I'm seeing her because I think we are probably going to split up.

It's a classic story. Boy meets girl. Boy immediately ignores girl but girl ignores boy ignoring girl and they arrange a shared birthday party (girl's birthday is day after boy's). A few weeks after the party they suddenly, simultaneously realise they should be going out, and proceed to do so.

So far, so good.

The tension rises as boy decides that what he really needs to do is quit his job and go back to university -- the other side of the country. At first, all is well. They visit each other regularly and correspond by post with cute cards. Then, as winter sets in, cracks begin to appear. Work is piled onto boy just as he has adjusted to academic life. Girl falls foul of an evil lurgy just before she had planned to visit boy. Boy refuses to change plans and visit her, instead planning to shift a henious assignment. Girl feels neglected and left out in the cold. She tells boy she doesn't want to go out with him any more. Boy thinks it would probably be for the best, only he knows he loves her. Boy gets on last train to see girl.

...and here I am.

Either we split or we find some kind of yet-to-be-discovered formula to keep us together. Personally, I think we'll probably make the break and it'll hurt like a screaming bastard for quite a while.