This sounds very similiar to spod/god theory.

My own take is that the root universe has no creator but within that there are many radically different sub-universes. I'm confident this is not an original idea but it's still pretty novel, even compared to The Matrix.

The reasoning goes like this:

I can sit in front of a computer and play God, i.e. I can create a mini-universe which is configured and ruled solely according to my design. It could be something as simple as Conway's game of life or something more complex. It depends on the limit of my resources. Conceivably, my simulated universe may generate sub-universes of it's own. The process may repeat until a particular sub-universe is too simple to spawn a sub-universe of it's own. The sub-universes are not physically detached from their parent universes - a computer simulation still obeys physical laws - but work within those constraints to produce a universe that follows whatever operation is specified. It need bear no relation whatever with it's parent universe. The only clause that I can see is that the child is necessarily simpler than the parent.

The upshot of this is that given all the probable simulations nested in the root universe the chances of you living at the root level are very small. More likely is that you are living at a simulated level that has been deliberately created by some intelligent entity at a higher level. According to your attitude you could call this entity God or Spod.