This is an intellectual exercise to consider the possbility of God's existance, and to show that although God may not be provable to not exist in any form, the Christian idea of a God can be proven to not exist, at least in theory, without even refering to the contradictions and impossible events of the Bible. In an otherwise closed universe, there are three possiblities concerning the existance of a God/creator. Either

1. Such a God interacts with the universe
2. It does not interact with the universe
3. It does not exist.

2 and 3 are equivalent. If something does not interact with the universe, it does not exist in any meaningful sense.
1 brings up another two (out of many) questions:

1. The Christian God exists and constantly interferes with the universe on a petty and immediate level (eg answering some prayers, "I thank God for helping me win this award")

2. A non-Christian God exists and interfers with the universe on a very subtle scale.

If 1, then the effects should be observable. For example, you can't provide divine influence to someone without changing their brain in a manner that should not normally have happened, and yet is ordered and not chaotic, and you can't help a kitten survive a fall without making observable physical alterations on a fairly massive scale. If this could be observed, it would prove the existance of a Christian-style God of some sort. However, despite the multitude of claimed miracles of all sizes, there tends to be no real evidence that anything out of the ordinary even occured, let alone that it was not explainable by normal means.

If 2, and God acts very subtly for more obscure reasons, and over the very long term (thousands or millions of years to make changes), then God does not answer prayers, did not provide the Bible writers with divine inspiration, etc. Its influence may be dectectable if the physical changes (presumably at the sub-atomic level) are made just when someone is looking, or soon after, but this is unlikey. However, if a God of this type exists, organized religion is meaningless - the Bible would just be the work of deluded humans and it would be impossible to predict what God would actually want, if he even wanted anything from humans.
Of course, this leaves out the possiblity that God does not behave in a logical manner (as presented in the Bible), but in that case we're all screwed since we can't expect any particular behaviour to necessarily lead to any particular consequence when dealing with an unreliable God.

In any case, if miracles are really occuring as according to Christian doctrine, it should be relatively easy to show the physical effects with a concerted search, as for miracles to actually do anything, they must physically influence the universe in some way. Until then, I'll continue to not believe in God due to his non-interaction with the universe.
Whoever soft-linked to "false dichotomy" please point it out, because I can't see one. As far as I can see it, the only time I listed a choice between two things was when they were mutually exclusive.

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