The indisputably rational nature of "objectivism" is illustrated by the way that its adherents will accuse you of being a nihilist if you disagree with them. Randroidism is, fundamentally, the belief that anybody who doesn't agree with Ayn Rand is incapable of thinking for himself (and is also a nihilist, of course).

The best thing about Randery is that her literary style is identical to socialist realism, except that the particulars of her "philosophy" happen to differ in certain ways (though fewer than you'd think) from that of Josef Stalin. Many of her goals were similar as well: She wanted to create a New Man, who would have the proper consciousness and who would therefore create a new and better society. She created a personality cult similar to Stalin's, though on a smaller scale. She was also fond of conducting purges, though fortunately she wasn't able to execute anybody. Rand thought "Tail-Gunner Joe" McCarthy was on the right track. Both Rand and Stalin were staunch reductionists, and both believed that their respective New Orders (not to be confused with the band) should be implemented without regard to the human cost. They did, however, disagree on a very fundamental issue: Stalin believed that the State should sacrifice individuals when and as needed, for the sake of the common good, while Rand felt very strongly that this function of government should be privatized.