The feelings of rage and inadequacy are ill-contained in me today. The news of the terrorist attacks in the States has shocked people here in England more than anything since the death of Diana. Everyone is stunned by it, everyone talking about it. This will be another of those moments of which people will say "Where were you when...?", a pivotal point in human and personal history.

My girlfriend just rang me to ask if I'd heard, and we asked "Why?" and raged a while and then fell silent - a quiet, fearful and uncertain silence.

Coupled with this are the E2 community feelings for the loss of Hermetic. Even though I barely knew him, his writing had touched me, especially his last few write-ups. His magnificent Everything is a Community has just been C!ed for the sixth time as I write this, and I don't believe I have read anything which better sums up my own feelings about this place. Many people were sorrowed, even those who, like myself, knew him little. /me misses Hermetic.

It is sad that these same feelings of loss we had for him are currently being felt right across America. To those thousands of people who have lost, or who fear having lost, loved ones - my heart goes out to you all, each and every one.

We feel for you. I just wish I could pray for you.