Publishers of travel guidebooks for those on a shoe-string budget, or at least for the demographic who should be on a shoe-string budget. The Let's Go Guide to Europe is easily found on many North American students' bookshelves, often littered with post-it notes and jotted-down plans concerning a much-dreamed-about grand tour of Europe*, just like in A Room with a View.

Guides are available for large areas (Europe), countries (Belgium), and in some cases, cities ( in Belgium). Generally, they're quite informative and certainly easy to use. Personally, I vowed never to touch them again after I read up on my home city and discovered that they'd listed the Brunny as a top night spot for travellers. Let's Go travel guides are written exclusively by Harvard students - which means if you want to go where the Harvard students go, buy their books. If you want to avoid them, try Lonely Planet or The Rough Guide instead.

*As Eddie Izzard says: "Europe is where the history comes from."