my blood type, O+, seems to be a common and vastly needed blood type, or so i read in the local paper today. I decided that that is something i can help with in my never-ending journey to help even though it seems to annoy the hell out of me sometimes. the last time i gave blood was in high school, and i only did it so that i could report about it on our televised morning announcements. grab a camera and go. you get free cookies, and you get out of class. why the hell not? then i realized why the hell not... I HATE NEEDLES! expecially if they are in my body! that is why i never returned to the donating chair.

why the sudden interest in anything donating, you ask. i have shed several of a seeming endless amount of layers of selfishness since then, and i have come to realize that i hate needles less than i like helping save lives. that and my girlfriend calles me at work to tell me that she saw the paper and made an appointment to donate blood which locked me in as a doner. so i am a good person today... today. and it wasn't that bad at all. silly little fears hold back so much!