White (1994) - Weasello Rating: {>>>>} (Booyah!) {{ Prequel | Sequel }}
Please note that this review is laden with spoilers.

Body count: There was only one dead body in this whole movie, and you don't get to see any of it nor do you see the person die. Yes, folks, this movie is gore-free(tm)!

Outline: The three colours trilogy, composing of the three films "Blue," "White," and "Red" is a very interesting and wonderfully done set of movies. They were recommended to my girlfriend by a customer at a video store and I did not know what I was in for - but as fate would have it, these movies are, in fact, great. White is the second movie in the trilogy, and though not as stunning and full of artistic fervor as Blue, was still quite a good tale.

The origional (and region-specific title) to this movie is "Trois couleurs: Blanc," but in it's many translations and releases it has several somewhat similar names.

The basic plot of this film is a successful (as in, winning many awards) Hair Dresser becomes divorced from his wife because he has not "consummated the marriage." Ashamed and now living on the streets, this adventurous fellow tries to find his way back to his own country while on the run from the police.

Through dumb luck and questionable morals, our hero rises triumphant and becomes what I assume is a millionaire and partner in a giant trading company. He then plans an elaborate plot to get revenge on his wife, who took all of his posessions during the divorce - his money, his house, his car, and even his hair dressing studio (which she then set on fire).

I won't ruin the ending for you - it's half the fun.

My Opinion: This movie is a nicely done and slightly comical ... Well... I suppose "adventure" would best suit it. It is touching at times and very tense at others, but there is a carefully placed joke to make it all good. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is looking for a good foreign flick, and you might as well rent this if you're renting Blue anyway. 4 out of 5 stars!

Interesting Notes:
  • In the movie Blue, the main character opens a door to a court room, only to be ushered out by the guard posted there. You hear a few lines of conversation - "Is this court judging me because I cannot speak french?" - Well, this movie opens in a court room, and as that line is spoken, you can see the character from Blue briefly enter the room in the background... Thus making an official tie-in and pretty much the only connection between the origional and the sequel.
  • You can also spot the love interest male from Blue taking a suitcase out of his car at the airport scene.
  • Another scene from Blue depicts an old woman putting a can into a recycling bin - this scene is seen from a different angle in this movie as well.
Lead roles: Directed by: Krzysztof Kieslowski

Writing credits: Krzysztof Kieslowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz

Tagline: White: Equality
Sources: The oh-so-wonderful IMDB, my head, and the box.