Shiggidy shiggidy.

I'm thinking I'm going to be going to work in about 26 minutes from now. 25 minutes. I haven't had breakfast, I haven't showered. I haven't even started getting dressed.

Yes, I dress up in a big fancy suit and everything. Today I will be wearing my black jacket and a Salmon colored shirt with an orange/blue/black crazy tie. 24 minutes.

Unfortunately for me, (23 minutes) I've been stuck here on E2 being.. well... Not so much learning, but being entertained and enjoying people's homenodes. I like homenodes. I like (22 minutes) homenodes. Why don't I leave? this is crazyness!

Yesterday at work I went across the street to the corner store and bought about 25 postcards. You'll never guess where those postcards are going to go. Probably to your mailbox. I just scrolled myself through EMAR and picked out a few names (21 minutes) I recognized. That's right, I took a two hour lunch break from my fast-paced working environment - I took time off of my commission sales job to sorta spend money on you guys. In more than one way.

Did I mention it takes 15 minutes to drive to work? No? That leaves 6 minutes to shower, put on a suit, skip breakfast, and tear myself down the road at subsonic speeds.

5 minutes. I suppose fear is taking over my few remaining minutes with E2 this morning. 4. Is this healthy? 3. ah shit.