Sitting on the wall of the Cocoa High School library, eating horrible cafeteria pizza. We heard the launch, looked up and saw one line of smoke turn into two. And then debris raining down like fireworks in daytime.

Of course shortly thereafter our school psycho took great pleasure in informing us all he had done it. "It was me, I did it!" With his psycho eyes bulging out of his head.

He got married and settled down for a while. There was talk he was cured of his madness, but after a while he went crazy again and now his wife has a restraining order out on him or something.

The rest of the day was pretty fun because all of the teachers treated us like we were shocked and saddened when in fact we were so completely jaded about the shuttle we didn't give a shit anyway. As the Butthole Surfers once said, strangers die everyday.

It was extremely cold.