This stuff is potentially lethal, more than regular alcohol in inexperienced hands, so it was pulled off the market for a while. It simply had too big a number in vol% and too small a number in the price tag. Later it came back with less alcohol and a higher price. Because salmiakki hides the taste of alcohol, it is too easy to drink too much of it. It is also very salty (salmiakki, not table salt). If you drink the whole bottle and no water, you may die of dehydration, not only because the stuff is salty, but because alcohol is a diuretic.

The stuff sold in Alko doesn't taste as good as if you make it yourself. Alko's salmari is watery, not anything like "Flakpanzer fuel", and its taste is like industrial carpeting. It has only 32% alcohol. If you make it yourself from Tyrkisk Peber, it's like drinking the candy. It's so good it's dangerous.

To make it yourself, you need two bags of Tyrkisk Peber and a sufficient amount of pure spirit or vodka. Make a saturated solution of the crushed candies into water. Heating it up will help. Mix this thick black fluid, water and alcohol to get a 40% to 60% alcohol solution. Koskenkorva can be used, but then there is less freedom to choose the alcohol content.