Cross-Eyed at Midnight, 2079, Volume 53 in the Squeal of Whine series

Ages come and ages go, but the squeal never ends. What has been wasn't worth reading, and what's to come is even worse, because the author was sick of this crap before the end of volume two.

Bland steps forward! Then he changes his mind and steps back.

Ahyes Myeye: serene and ageless wonder women, or petulant squabbling brats? Ninny tugs a braid; really really hard this time! Really. Cudswannee schemes. Egwhite tells Albumen, Spitter for the Mauve, to piss off. An AieAieAie Wise One acts superior.

Something rattles in Smat's head as he fingers his medallion and wonders if all that laughing and pointing means the women are making fun of him again. Meanwhile Spoorin's beard is growing faster than kudzu in a Georgia pine patch-- will Smaile want him back now that he has to shave his eyelids? Then the Dark One suddenly appears and bites someone's head off, like an eight-year-old with a chocolate bunny!

The inexplicable hiatus in the unstoppable SwinesChance invasion continues for another eight hundred pages. An AieAieAie Wise One acts superior.

Tune in next year for volume 54!