Drinking Game. Played with 3-6 people. Take standard deck of 52 cards, lay out the eights of each suit on a table. Deal the remaining cards to players. To start, someone lays a card next to the 8 - same suit, but must go in order. No skipping. eg, if there is an 8, you can lay a 7 or a 9, but not a 10. If they CAN'T, they have to lay down as close a card as they can. Then, they have to drink the "gap" - if I layed a 10 when the only card was an 8, I have to drink 3 - 10, 9, 8. Not 3 drinks - just 3 gulps. If you DO go in order, you can give the gulps to anyone, any number (up to the total of the cards in the row you layed), even to yourself. A total of 13 drinks in each suit of cards. Have a 30 pack of beer nearby, you'll use it.