Last time I went to the county fair, there was this guy selling meter-long plastic bags of something he called "kettle corn" but which looked exactly like ordinary popcorn.

I expected that the "kettle corn" lable was just a marketing ploy to make popcorn sound like something special, but I accepted a free sample just to be sure. What I tasted was nothing like popcorn at all. It was sweet. Not saccharine-sweet, like cotton candy, but mildly, pleasantly sweet like honey or some other natural sweetener. Its flavour was much better than popcorn, more subtle; and the sign said it was more healthy, too, with less fat and sodium than regular popcorn (and it sure tasted less greasy and salty).

Anyway, the guy was making it by pouring the corn kernels into a big hot copper kettle, one that looked like it might have made a good tympano in another life, and then scooping the popped stuff off the top. Maybe that's why there were no unpopped kernels. I can't wait for the fair to come to town again just so I can get some more.