click Testing, testing... yup, daylog is on. Did ya miss me? A hiatus of over a year is broken... v3rgez is back a little older (draft-bait baby), a little wiser (chosen as best writer in the grade, but return and am immediately humbled... more on that later), and still with the same damn username... ah well.

Yeah, getting back in the groove is hard... worked a bit on the List of Saints project, only to find sludgeeel has followed up splendidly with the Russian Orthodox Saints. Maybe one day this heralds Unity amongst us again... we can only pray and work.

And then, it hit me all the sudden... First as a Kind Message from HalsPal, geez, some people here are Friendly. It meant a lot, even though he railed me for a picky grammar mistake (ok, stupid grammar mistake, but it was all part of the game.

I start reading his stuff... Halspal lives the life I always dreamed up, but was too much of an uncoordinated clutz to even begin to pursue. And damn, he can write.

Finally, I read biotoast's Beyond Belief: Fact and Fiction in the Life of Jesus, the best factual node I've seen in quite a long time... and it answered some long-standing questions that have perplexed me.

It's good to be back. click

P.S.: Already, I believe you have caused me to fail 3 tests, 2 quizzes, and turn in a paper late. I love you.