If you are still new at this, the most timely piece of advice anyone can offer you at this juncture is simple: quit. Don't wait. Do it now, before you become addicted.

Millions of the already-addicted wish they could quit. Oh, sure, some of them try to cover it up by pretending it "looks cool" but trust me, not a single person still capable of clear thought really believes it looks cool. It doesn't look cool. It never has. Only the depths of denial make anyone claim it does.

Social interactions are also a completely invalid reason to start or continue using tobacco. Do you really want to be friends with anyone who won't like you unless you get yourself hooked on an expensive substance?

I could ramble on about studies comparing the addictiveness of nicotine and heroin, emphysema, lung cancer and all sorts of other unpleasant things, but that wouldn't serve any real purpose except making this writeup longer. Chances are, you already know about all of that.

So just do yourself a favor and quit while you still can.

This is also good advice for new noders.