The difficulty is encountered that the biblical value of pi of 3 is so grossly inaccurate that it argues against confidence in the best selling Book of all time. But it would be impossible to expect a Perfect Author of the Bible to attempt to set down a perfect expression of pi. If one expected that of the Perfect Author, the question would be what would be the degree of accuracy that could be agreed on between the reader and Author?

How long a string of decimals would be expected of the Author to satisfy one's desire for superior intellect and perfect numerousity? Five decimal places? Five Million decimal places? Pi is an irrational number. Any length of string of decimals would be inaccurate.

No matter the length of the decimal string, even were it to extend to the moon, it would come no closer to the accuracy demanded of the Author by the skeptic. So to be true to Himself the Author would deal in integers to admit the ever present need of rounding off. The integer three is a useful analog of pi and as near to perfection as any possible expression or the Bible would be an endless work ending on the note if 1 Kings 7 about pi. It would then extend off into an infinity of pages of digits. The Word of God is perfect but human language and numerousity are ever imperfect. And perhaps there is in Hebrew no expression for 'and so on' such as '...'