Duel (1971, made-for-TV)
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Written by Richard Matheson
Starring Dennis Weaver as David Mann

Here, with apologies to Rinkworks, is a 1-Minute version of Duel:

Dennis Weaver

Boy, I need to get to that meeting on time!

(DENNIS WEAVER gets in CAR, drives away.)

Dennis Weaver

Boy, that Flammable truck in front of me sure is going slow. I should pass it.

(DENNIS WEAVER passes TRUCK. TRUCK takes offense, starts to harass DENNIS WEAVER, who continues to DRIVE furiously, sweating and constantly looking over his shoulder to see the TRUCK.)

Dennis Weaver

Damn you, truck! Why must you harrass me?

(DENNIS WEAVER crashes into a fence and goes CRAZY in a diner.)

Dennis Weaver

Well, I'd better get back into my car since that truck stopped chasing me.

(TRUCK continues to chase DENNIS WEAVER, causing mass destruction.)

Dennis Weaver

I know a clever ruse that is sure to kill this truck driver and cause thousands of dollars of damage!

(DENNIS WEAVER holds down his ACCELERATOR with a briefcase and dives out of his car, which is headed for a cliff. The flammable TRUCK follows it off the cliff but, miraculously, doesn't explode.)